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A Toilet in Every Auto

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A Toilet in Every Auto

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperThis is something for those of us who either just don't want to stop on the road, or who just hate public restrooms. A UK based company called Daycar has just come up with a cigarrette lighter powered chemical toilet for the car.

I am a real geek, not just a little geek, but a big geek and I don't think I could ever go in for this one. It has a bubble that expands around the toilet for privacy, however on a cross country trip, I can't see privacy as being the issue, how about something for the smell? Daycar says they have thought of that, the chemicals break the waste down into “a sweet smelling, inoffensive liquid,” and the bubble is called a “private sanitary sanctuary.” I'll get a lot of mobile gadgets, I'm all about putting several computers into a car, but I can't really see myself heading out to pick this one up.

However, I might change my mind, if one could integrate a nine inch display into the bubble's wall, and connect it to the car's built-in XServe, and they could add a Wi-Max antenna to the top of the bubble. If they could accomplish that, then they might have a taker. Still, I could see the use in camping out where there are no facilities, especially if you aren't a big fan of digging a hole out in the wilderness. I'd like to see this as an outdoor package. You could get your tent, laptop, and your Daycar mobile toilet. With a 40' cord that would let you plug all your mobile gadgets into your car without opening your tent, you could have all the luxuries of home, without a live net connection that is. Imagine with me, you could be in your tent, enter your private sanitary sanctuary. The family could be outside your bubble, but still within the tent, reading or whatever. You could enjoy privacy and warmth while playing games on your laptop, or reading a magazine. Since it smells so sweet, there would be no need to take it outside when you were done. Perhaps this is the ultimate gadget for geeks who like to take it on the road

Chemical Auto Toilet