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Account Info in Apple DRM-Free Music

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Account Info in Apple DRM-Free Music

Picture of IrvinI don't care about this actually. I can understand why Apple does it, I mean if you are sharing your music and the RIAA wants to find out who is doing it, they can just look in the songs. However, if I want to run Linux and play my music on Linux I can do it, and I'm not into file swapping anymore so it isn't an issue for me. If I give my friend a copy of the song, I'll have to be sure they aren't going to push it out onto the net.

Actually, it works exactly as fair-use was intended. If you use it for yourself, there are no restrictions, if you do something illegal then you can be caught. The system is simple and beautiful. I am glad that Apple's iTunes Music Store (ITMS) seems to be swamped, and I'm pretty happy with EMI's catalog, and I am fine only buying EMI artists digitally. It will be nice however, when the rest of the stodgy old bunch get their acts together and drops the DRM. The whole thing is ridiculous anyway, and it always was.

ARS Technica: Apple hides account info in DRM-free music, too