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Added The Ability to Save Favorites in JoostConnect

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Added The Ability to Save Favorites in JoostConnect

Picture of IrvinI've added the ability to save your favorites in the facebook application joostconnect. I've also made it so that if you are viewing someone else's profile, you will see their video feed instead of your own.

There is a glitch with it, however. Since people have installed it before I had hidden the link, it is possible that one of your friends could set your profile view all link to their own video feed by clicking the link before you do. There are a couple of ways to take care of this. If a friend has changed the link, you can go to just going to that URL alone will fix your profile page link.

Sorry about the wierdness with that, for the most part, people should be OK, but I just wanted people to know that it could happen, and how to deal with it.