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Amazon Video Store “unbox”

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Amazon Video Store “unbox”

Picture of IrvinSo far, just reading about Amazon's new video store, it sounds great. They've sort-of got portable music players covered, by sort-of I mean that they don't seem to support Sony's PSP even though it is capable of playing DRM'ed Windows Media Content. I'll download one of their shows and try to move it to my PSP. They've got the quality issue covered, their movies are of sufficient size and they have 5.1 dolby digital. One has to remember however, that the downloaded movies are not full quality, the DVD would still look better. The only thing left that they are missing is a full-on all you can eat package.

The cool thing about the service is the way the files are managed. I do wish, however that they would let you pay a little more, like $14.99 or something for a fully owned non-expiring copy of the movie. They also need a rental program. Such a program would do two things. First, it would make me want to cancel my Netflix subscription, especially since I have lost one of my personal DVDs to it. Second, it would make me put a computer into my living room, and buy a copy of windows media center for it.

So the real question is why don't they have a rental service, it would totally drive the “Living-Room” PC movement. Second, why don't they have a real-time AJAX driven front end, constantly updating the popularity stats of the movies without refreshing, etc… It always amazes me that these companies think that having video is enough of a “wow” factor on a page. I want to know what is new or cool at that moment, not what they want to suggest to me based on their profit margins. I also want to see what is hot for my area and other areas in the US that I might be interested in. In short, I guess it's a good beginning, but I think they could do much better with the interface. It is cool that they send down a lower quality version for portables. If it works with my PSP, then I'll definately spring for two 2 GB memory sticks, and start digesting the 2.2 GB movies!

Hopefully over time they will get the interface straight. Also, hopefully they will challenge Netflix so that we can get good service from them again. Thirdly, hopefully they will get the DRM right so that I don't have to break any laws to get the movies onto my PSP!