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An iTunes Phone is Great and all But…

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An iTunes Phone is Great and all But…

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI am officially disappointed. I know that the Moscone press event is still going on, but I was truly hoping for a better outcome than this. A phone that can hold 100 songs. Lame. Why on Earth would I buy a phone that worked with iTunes when I already have an iPod. Why would anyone? Once the group that buys anything by Apple buys the phones, I don't see a market for it.

I think that it is cool that Madonna put all of her songs on iTunes, hopefully more artists will follow suit.

My main question is where are the quad-processor PowerMacs, where is the new cool media center? Apple is truly missing the boat if they don't announce some kind of media center PC. If anyone could get Hollywood to sign-on to a movie distribution system right now it is Steve Jobs. It is funny, i've heard rumors that Cingular wants to charge $1.99 for songs downloaded through the phone, but they don't realize that is ridiculous. The reason people don't work harder to pirate songs from iTunes is that the price is reasonable enough. Apple has found the price people are willing to pay for music, which the music industry still doesn't understand. If the force Apple to raise the cost, people will just start hacking and destroy the service. Still, I think an iVideo is just around the corner, and the video playing iPod may still rear it's head. Here's to finger crossing!