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And Yet More Social Networking

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And Yet More Social Networking

Picture of IrvinWow people these days must have way more time than I do. I've got 3 blogs, one on blogger, one on Yahoo! 360, and this one. Plus since Yahoo! 360 is a social networking site I have that going on, I've got flickr accounts happening, maps that I'm sharing, I've got music community going on over at, I've got a writing wiki at strictwiki, some type of community in SecondLife related to a virtual nightclub, and on top of all that, for professional networking, I've got my linkedin account, and now I've got a facebook account. Fortunately I've managed to avoid myspace for now.

I know that social anything is driving not only excitement, but investment dollars, but I wonder if they are thinking about the saturation point. Maybe they think there will be some sort of clear winner, but the problem is that with so many disparate services out there, membership in too many communities is not useful. Some fade away from the community, not from lack of interest, but lack of time. Yahoo! has the right idea with 360 by combining all of these communities together, but that is only good if you use exclusively Yahoo!'s services.

Facebook has the right idea. I think that if more of these community sites open up their back ends to developers, we'll see mashing up and convergence. Maybe then I will finally be able to keep up with everyone!