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AOL Email Tax

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AOL Email Tax

Picture of IrvinWhat could AOL possibly be thinking even considering levying a email tax to ensure bypass of their spam filter. There are only two possible outcomes of this. Either AOL users will receive even more spam than ever before, or they will receive even more span than ever before and not emails that they want from small vendors and organizations.

The reason I say that users could receive even more spam email than ever before is because if a spammer is rich enough, they can pay whatever tax AOL cares to levy. It would be worth it to them to get their garbage through. This puts AOL at a severe disadvantage, and puts their customers out in that they will have to take more time to go through their email.

Small non or not-for-profit organizations like Move-On will not be able to pay the tax, and therefore will not be able to get their message out farily to AOL subscribers. I don't know exactly why anyone would want to use AOL. Most people that I know who use AOL minimize it immediately and open Internet Explorer or Firefox and surf away. It always makes me want to understand why they don't just use Earthlink or some other small dial-up provider. I can understand why they don't want to use Comcast though.

This is just another small step toward the balkanization of the internet. As this is something that can not benefit anyone, even the companies that are looking to double and triple charge people for using their service. The internet best serves all interests as a free internet. Everyone who is on AOL should switch to NetZero, or some other small dial-up company.