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Apple Begins a New Era of Exaggerating Performance

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Apple Begins a New Era of Exaggerating Performance

Picture of IrvinIt is pretty common to want to put your best foot forward the same way anyone with a product wants to, however to claim that the new Core Duo iMac is two to three times faster than the iMac G5 is a little far fetched.

For one, they are using SPEC still, which does a great job of benchmarking the CPUs of a system. It is multiprocessor aware, which puts the single-core G5 at a disadvantage right off the bat. It also is not representative of a whole system. Then they point to Cinebench, which shows a 2x performance increase. Well, they are using the ATI Radeon x1600 an older video card, and again it is multiprocessor aware. Is cinebench a good example of something a typical Mac user would work with? Sure. However, if you are talking about general performance increases, one could realistically expect about a 30% increase in general responsiveness. Not 200 – 300%. You couldn't even see a gain like in general system performance unless you compared a Pentium 166 system against a Pentium 4 3 GHz system. I am glad that they released the Intel systems today, I am certain they will be faster, but these claims are ridiculous. It is almost as though they figured they needed to keep it up as some kind of homage to the PowerPC days.

The most important thing that Apple came out with today was the MacBook Pro. It will take me some time to be able to say that with a straight face. People will buy this, and I think it will be 40 – 70% faster than the PowerBook G4.