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Apple Gaining Traction With Video Content in ITMS

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Apple Gaining Traction With Video Content in ITMS

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperMany keep saying that the iPod Video is a flash in the pan, and that no one would really want to watch anything on the screen. To the contrary, I think that the screen is very nice to watch TV shows and other video content on, and it is pretty good on a standard definition television if you ever hook it up. The content is getting to be pretty incredible as well now. Once they added Battlestar Galactica, I was pretty hooked. I don't know what the future is for this, and I can understand jobs' reluctance to introduce it.

One thing that should keep Apple a little worried is the PSP. It does a good job of doing everything that the iPod does and then some. It is only missing two things. Decent content in the form of video podcasts, tv shows, and movies for a reasonable rate, and a hard drive. Since Sony can't figure out that people want something that is either hackable so that they can get what they want onto a device, or something that has easy access to cheap content such as the iPod. The reason Apple will succeed with the video iPod is because they aren't being greedy by charging people to link their podcasts up to the iTMS, they aren't trying to gouge the movie and TV studios. They firmly know and understand their role as hardware providers.

The iTMS has become an incredible platform for distributing content, and I think it will probably eventually destroy all other channels if Apple keeps playing its cards right. I know that I would never buy a movie if I could download a high-quality H.264 version with Dolby Digital 5.1. If I could get broadcast television programs ad-supported for free, I'd download those too. I would never watch over the air broadcasts. I know that I am probably in the minority as a technocrat, but at the same time if everyone knew how easy it could be and how much sense it makes they would want it too. Apple has gotten mainstream with its iPod and now they can take the concept of digital downloads of television and news mainstream too. If Jobs can get Pixar to do iTunes releases of its popular movies in their entirety and at high-quality levels the circle will be complete. I'd look for this at MWSF, along with the introduction of FrontRow for the intel based Mac-Mini. Even the name says movie. While Microsoft has the market for home PC based entertainment centers I'd look for Apple to make serious inroads here. They've got the content and as we all know. “Content is King.”