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Apple Mighty Mouse

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Apple Mighty Mouse

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperThe majority of Mac users that I have met all are using either a wacom tablet and it's included mouse, or they have purchased another mouse product and are using that. The original Apple mouse that comes with the computer at best ends up in a box down in the basement, in that collection of loose wires, odds and ends. Why doesn't anyone use the mouse that comes with the Mac? Because it is uncomfortable and inconvenient.

So Apple has released the “Mighty Mouse.” It looks just like the standard mouse, except it has a trackball on the front and side buttons. So why aren't I rushing out to buy a mighty mouse as soon as I can like apparently everyone else in the Mac community? Well, first of all it is $49, which is steep to me for any mouse. Secondly, I am truly happy with the Microsoft mouse I have had for a couple years now. The final question I have is the name. Why did Apple figure that it was necessary to pay Viacom for the licensing of the “Mighty Mouse” title? Wouldn't iMouse or MacMouse be OK? I'm sure that a good portion of that $49 is paying for that license.

The curious thing is that somehow Apple has managed to sell out of them overnight in almost all of their retail channels. It is truly amazing that a company can release a product that makes you say to yourself, “Wow, they did what everyone else has been doing for at least the past couple of years and they are making a fortune doing it,” then you wonder how can they get away with that? The answer is always well, they are Apple.

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