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Bad Reviews for the XBOX 360

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Bad Reviews for the XBOX 360

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperIt is so difficult to trust popular media anymore that I am finding it hard to believe that the XBOX 360 can be so bad as to not be worth it to buy. I mean, if you bought the first XBOX, then why wouldn't you buy the second. The games only look marginally better than the current generation of gaming consoles right now, but of course in the coming months, that will change and the games will be better.

For me, part of the reason that I didn't buy the XBOX was because the PlayStation had a much better selection of the types of games that I play. If you love Project Gotham and Forza better than Gran Tourismo, then yes, you should by the 360, and you probably have the original XBOX. If you think, like I do, that Gran Tourismo is probably the best driving simulator ever and are drooling over the prospect of Gran Tourismo 5, then you will probably buy a PlayStation 3.

I think that most media outlets are reluctant to completely throw their weight behind the XBOX only to be left looking silly when the PlayStation 3 is launched with a whole array of extremely solid titles. That is part of the problem with big media. They can't afford to be wrong, especially with the type of pressure that is possible through the citizen media outlet.