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Big Mistake Sony – Bad Advertisment

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Big Mistake Sony – Bad Advertisment

Picture of IrvinWell, I am not sure I know what Sony is thinking. On the other hand, I think I know exactly what they are thinking and it is totally distasteful. It is, I am sure, abundantly clear to any company doing business in America, that there are several hot-button topics to be avoided in advertising. Actually these topics should be avoided in business pretty much entirely.

Sony has crossed a line here, with African-Americans, and most Americans in general with this latest ad: Sony's New PSP Ad – July 4, 2006.

In the ad obviously Sony knows exactly what they are doing. Claiming the they don't understand the American market to know that this is going to cause a problem doesn't cut it. I am curious as to who at Sony approved this advertising campaign. In the link on the page above, the full ad clearly goes further, depicting a full struggle between what, one must assume, are two models fighting.

I don't usually cry about stuff like this, and I am not now. I just think that global companies have a responsibility to think and act globally, and responsibly. This is an irresponsible and disgraceful act by a company that should be ashamed of itself.

If there was any question before as to whether or not I would be buying the PS3, I think Sony answered that question for me. In fact, until Sony retracts that advertisement globally and issues an apology to America I will not buy any additional Sony equipment. The XBox360, while ugly, has decent functionality and it being cheaper, and acting as a media center extender had it in the lead for my dollars anyway. You as a reader might say, “so what you won't by Sony stuff.” Well, the only way consumers can speak to companies is with their money.