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Both Sides of A Story

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Both Sides of A Story

Picture of IrvinWell, after a bunch of hours, I have finally finished the first beta of my news site. It uses the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API, as well as the Yahoo! Search API. The entire site is built using DHTML, XHR, and allows users to express their belief as to how biased the news story was.

The impetus for me to build this was that I can often find stories that present one point of view, but it is difficult to find dissenting points of view, or the most diametrically opposed news story to the one I am reading. Right now the site allows this, but it isn't easy. I will, in the future be adding the ability to save searches, and select a different default view, as well as adding some limited ability to determine what category a story fits into based on its text.

It was a lot of fun building, and I hope people enjoy using it: