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ColdFusion MX 7.01

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ColdFusion MX 7.01

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI am so glad that Macromedia finally is supporting Mac OS X with ColdFusion. They even have a windows like installer for it to make things easier. Perhaps they will even allow Mac users to buy ColdFusion standard. I recently wanted to use the java updater to update the ColdFusion installation on my Xserve. First I had to download the java version. Once I had it downloaded, I ran the installer in the console mode using the syntax:

java -jar coldfusion-701-java.jar -i console

That starts the install if you are doing it over ssh or through the terminal. I'm not too sure about the -jar part, but it works because I just did it.

The only problem with this is with the mod_jrun connector to Apache. After I deleted the contents of the CFIDE and cfusion folders, I was able to jar -xvf the cfusion.war and the rds.war into the appropriate folders. Everything was working once I created my datasources and got all the settings set up except for the flash forms. After some time I found out that I have to copy the entire cfusion/CFIDE folder into my Apache wwwroot for the particular site I am working on. This seems to be a ridiculous annoyance. I don't really understand why the installation doesn't just configure Apache for me and map calls to cfusion to the appropriate directory under JRun. Oh well, I guess it is still a little rough. I am not about the pull down my entire installation to try to use the updated setup on the production server. I might do it on one of my local servers, but probably not. Anyway it wasn't too tough to get the server updated. It is hard to believe that even after all this time I can still love ColdFusion as much as I have ever loved it, but I do. Well, I'm off to update my local installation.