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ColdFusion MX 8 and Surveys

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ColdFusion MX 8 and Surveys

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperToday I came across a survey on Ray Camden's blog asking about how I currently use ColdFusion, and how I'd like to see it changed in the future. Among the questions were your customary what type of server are you running it on, what servers do you have in production, what databases do you use, etcetera.

I'm glad to see Macromedia taking an active interest in its ColdFusion developer base. So I thought that just in case the ColdFusion intelligensia ever read my blog, I ought to give them my wish list for ColdFusion MX 8. One of the things that I hope will be remedied with the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia is the company's long standing neglect of the Macintosh as a valid server platform. I mean, the Mac has had a solid BSD based server version of OS X since 2001, but here we are in 2005, and neither Breeze, Flex, or ColdFusion are supported in production environments on OS X Server.

So here goes:

  • Mac OS X Server Supported in Production Installation
  • Please do not get too caught up in frameworks
  • Continue the work on customizing Flash forms, I'd like an easy way to add buttons that can execute ActionScript in Flash controls.
  • Additional support for running CF Script in Flash
  • Better JDBC drivers
  • A pre-configured email listener gateway installed
  • Support for JBoss
  • Multiple inheritance – It would make transparent wrapper classes easier to write

Some of what I don't want to see that I am afraid that Macromedia wants to add is some type of built-in framework. Most of the advantage to using ColdFusion comes from its ability to be as effective in the procedural as in the object oriented worlds. If the procedural goes away, then we may as well develop using Java or Ruby on Rails, since Ruby is much easier to learn and use anyway.

If a framework were to be created and integrated into the application server itself, I would like to see a reflective framework like Rails ported to ColdFusion. This way it would encourage good coding habits as well as making things easier on the novice CF developer. Having ColdFusion look at the database structure and encapsulate tables in methods with additional language like Ruby's one-to-many join languages would be excellent. Of course using this framework should not be mandatory in any way. I should have my framework together soon and would hate to not be able to use it.

Right now I am running this server using JRun 4, Mac OS X Server 10.4, and ColdFusion MX 7 Enterprise. This is a completely unsupported solution. This should not be the case as Xserves are completely reliable and are the servers of choice for many enterprises. I should also be able to easily and with the support of MM run a breeze server alongside my ColdFusion server.