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ColdFusion MX 8

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ColdFusion MX 8

Picture of IrvinIf it is any indication of how little I use ColdFusion anymore, I didn't even notice that Adobe released ColdFusion 8. I guess for a while I figured they were done with 7, and actually 8 is more of a 7.7, in my opinion. Having professionally left the world of ColdFusion for that of Java and PHP, primarily having to do with cost and performance, I haven't had time to do much more than maintain my existing applications. But I still think I owe it to ColdFusion to at least touch on some of the new features.

Some of the reasons that, IMHO, ColdFusion has started falling behind, except for banks, government, and consulting firms, is because it is not open source, and that the features they work on seem to be most important to enterprise, not to the single web developer. The problem with this is that when the single web developer gets married to a company, they are more likely to bring PHP or Java with them.

Anyway, I think I had been calling for a cfthread tag for quite some time and I'm glad they have implemented it. It should enable some performance benefit. One of the things they are touting is the performance gains over ColdFusion 7.2. The problem with this is that they are not comparing it to PHP, Perl, and Java. If you look at it, on an operation, by operation basis, PHP destroys ColdFusion, and if you add memcached it isn't even a contest. I never thought I'd be saying this, but PHP has really matured to be the language of the server side.

The server monitor is cool, for profiling, etc… Also, having multiple user accounts is cool, but still these things are great for IT at large corporations, so they really don't make an impact for me as a single web developer.

PDFs I hate, I'd much rather use flash paper, but I don't see them promoting the use of flashpaper anywhere on their site, so I guess that is going the way of the dinosaur, however this would be one reason not to upgrade, if they were to take flashpaper away that is.

AJAX features, great, nice to have, they seem to have ripped off some of Apollo. I write my own so that really has no impact on what I am doing.

.NET integration, chirp…chirp…chirp…

Exchange integration, did anyone see where I parked my Brontosaurus? No, I know people want this, but it isn't terribly important to me.

Interactive debugger, what was wrong with cflog? I guess an Eclipse plugin is sheik these days.

Reporting, great more reporting methods, important again to enterprise, not to me.

I don't know, this release does not bring ColdFusion back as something I'd like to use. Most of this functionality I can get with Java, now I'll admit that Struts leaves much to be desired, but all someone has to do is write Mach II for Java, if it isn't already done.

Sorry guys, I'll stick to PHP for now. Hopefully you'll open source CF, then I can come back. But PHP, it does everything I need done, with little overhead, and its free.