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ColdFusion Mystic and Scorpio

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ColdFusion Mystic and Scorpio

Picture of IrvinIn reading Ben Forta's blog there is apparently an update in the works for ColdFusion MX 7. I certainly hope that the update is around making flash forms and the ColdFusion Flex interaction faster. It is accepible once it has been cached and it is not changing, but it is still not good. Perhaps this is something that they have already addressed with the production version of Flex and it is just coming to ColdFusion.

What I would hope was coming with the new update is a new jdbc driver for MySQL and the new jdbc driver for SQL Server 2005. I know that we can update the drivers ourselves, but it is much easier to install a hotfix. There are other issues that could do to be resolved. I was talking to another developer and they were mentioning the differences in how ColdFusion 7 processes cfscript and the tags. He contended, and I have never used this myself, that using the onSessionEnd listener in cfscript often doesn't work, but in the tags it is fine.

Some of the comments in Forta's blog are kind-of off base. They are suggesting that for ColdFusion to gain better acceptance, it needs to support interfaces and more OO like structures. I don't know about that I'd argue that ColdFusion is doing fine without these. The argument is that no one will take it seriously until it has these features. I'd argue that my current employer takes ColdFusion very seriously, and I know that Bank of America and several other large corporations take it very seriously.

I'm not saying that ColdFusion couldn't use more advanced OO features, some could probably make what we are doing a lot easier, but if people are suggesting that ColdFusion sould be made strongly typed in the Scorpio release, I'd argue that limiting ColdFusion's flexibility and making it force “good programming practice” on developers like Java does would only cause it to die, because what people are buying when they buy ColdFusion is rapid-development. Most people wouldn't argue that JSP is a rapid development language.

I did finally think of some features that I would like to see in Scorpio. I'd like to see built a built-in AJAX connector. What would happen is that if you included a tag that were to invoke this connector, it would allow you to do an XMLHTTPRequest to another page, and the resulting object would be stored in a javascript array that would be returned. The tag could work like this:

the javascript call would probably be something like var jsVar = _cfajax(“”);

That would be something that would, if they don't already, make people take ColdFusion seriously. That is what I am looking for in Scorpio, more CF AJAX interaction built in. It would be something that none of the other application servers have, and it would give ColdFusion the edge going into the future. The other stuff like the interaction with an exchange server would be practical, but the AJAX connector would be the coolest thing to ever happen to an application server.