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ColdFusion Scorpio and Threads

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ColdFusion Scorpio and Threads

Picture of IrvinWhen writing my wishing list for ColdFusion 8, or Scorpio, I'd like to see a real thread tag.

Obviously this would not be usable by ColdFusion newbies, but at the same time it would help the “pros” stay out of Java and keep their code centralized. Most ColdFusion developers who are saavy enough to want control over the system's threading are saavy enough to write a java class or a few to do that with a CFX tag. Still, it would be nice to do a couple of things at the same time, like write a file to a cache, while sending that file on the client.

This is not a small task to ask of ColdFusion. The thread synchronization isn't going to be easy because many users don't understand how or why they would need their threads to be synchronized. Cfcomponents would have to have static added to the list of options for type. ColdFusion would have to have some type of instance manager added to make sure to create new instances of objects.

Making this even more difficult, in order to make it useful, the goal would be to make a real application manager, there would have to be some way to handle instances by reference. Therefore there would have to be some way to pass pointers to objects instead of the objects, all while keeping ColdFusion weakly typed. Its a tall order, but it sure would be nice to see a cfthread tag in there when ColdFusion MX 8 shows up on the shelves.