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Configuring the Xserve

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Configuring the Xserve

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperMy mission this week has been to configure the Xserve for deployment as a web server. So far, I have had two nights up until 2 am, and another up until 1, and I still can't get IMAP, POP, and FTP working. I think most of my problem is that I am not working as smartly as I could.

My setup is that I have the Xserve plugged into my router at home to prep it for deployment, I have the firewall turned on on the router, I also have the server running in stealth mode.

The first problem is that I am using OSXvnc right now, the server application is running fine, SSH is working fine, and I have ColdFusion MX 7 and Apache running well together. The problems start when I try to connect to the port for VNC. My ChickenOfTheVNC says that it can't connect on that port. My second problem is that I can't get my GUI manager to connect to MySQL. I have configured my user correctly with the percent as my address to allow access from anywhere outside of the box. I can log in from the command line, but nothing I try will get me in from outside the box. Its a good thing that my command line SQL skills are pretty good. I was able to restore the dump, set up the cache, etc… without the GUI manager.

I haven't changed the Firewall settings much, and I have even tried turning them off, I just can't seem to get this stuff to work right. I know that some of the services may be binding to the wrong network port, so I'll probably check that next, I should be able to get it done by Monday though!