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Could ARM”s Jazelle Give us a Java SDK For the iPhone

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Could ARM's Jazelle Give us a Java SDK For the iPhone

Picture of IrvinIn perusing wikipedia's information about the iPhone, it seems that the community is sure that it uses an ARM processor. But what is more interesting than the fact that Apple didn't go with XScale for the iPhone, is that the processor they chose supports Jazelle.

So what is Jazelle? Well I didn't know either until I started digging. Jazelle is a set of hardware extensions and some software to allow Java to be processed much more quickly than it normally would. It apparently supports multi-threading, and looks like it is pretty quick. It was probably designed for the Blackberry to run J2ME applications well, but it could do just as well for the iPhone.

Wikipedia thinks the iPhone runs the ARM1176JZ(F)-S CPU, which is capable of running at between 532 MHz and 665 MHz, but I have seen around that it may be underclocked at 400 MHz. Anyone want to overclock their iPhone?

Anyway, if this is the case, and Apple could port the JDK 6 to run using Jazelle, and Swing interfacing with Apple's graphics, Steve Jobs' ball and chain could make an excellent sandboxed development environment for people to do pretty much whatever they wanted with the iPhone, but still not totally pwn it or anything like that.

That could explain why it is taking longer to get the SDK out than usual, I mean normal systems push out the SDK before the device is even released, but if they have to get Swing to talk to the iPhone's PowerVR MBX 3D graphics processor, it could take a while. But the result would be probably an explosion of development.

If Apple doesn't do it, Sun or someone else should now that the iPhone is cracked. It could easily make the iPhone the most indispensable device since the original telephone. Getting the iPhone to run Open Office would become much easier, and so would interfacing with Exchange server.