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Digg May have some new competition

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Digg May have some new competition

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“SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – MySpace launched a news service on Thursday that lets members of the popular social-networking website decide which stories bouncing about the Internet are most deserving of attention.”

Myspace launches online news service

Initially it looks like a competitor to Digg. For some time I've thought that the competition for Digg was mostly a joke. Reddit is not better in any way, despite some people who love it. Netscape is a complete clone, but it isn't superior. Digg has always had the audience to fend off any attacks.

The problem with MySpace, even though it is a joke codewise, is the sheer size of the community. With that size you could possible get good mob intelligence, and some good, previously unknown news stories could be brought to the top. The problem is the same as with Digg. I'm sure only a few users would dominate the stories that get sent up the highest. Also, since myspace seems to cater to a… shall we say more immature, crowd. Most of the stories that bubble up to the top will probably be fairly poppy in nature.

Still, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.