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Do We Really Need Quad-Core?

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Do We Really Need Quad-Core?

Picture of IrvinThis is something I've been asking myself since the Quad-Mac was released a while ago. I am not sure. I could see having two general purpose CPUs with a GPU and a PPU (Physics Processing Unit), but four general purpose CPUs is a bit much.

I think that for the majority of people, myself included, I am having a hard time seeing the difference between the Core Duo CPUs and the Pentium D in actually using both for some time, I have a Core 2 Duo machine at work and a Pentium D machine at home. The Pentium D machine feels faster at most tasks than the Core 2 Duo, however the Core 2 Duo machine does do a better job at gaming. I don't play many games on my machines, so the reasons for upgrading are fewer. I do write software, however so it is cool to play with multiple CPUs as far as software is concerned, but right now I just can't see the use of having four CPUs.

Maybe in the future when software is more adept at managing multiple processors having four will be to some advantage, but right now I just don't see the use. I think that Intel was doing better when it was trying to ramp clock speeds as far as increasing performance. Probably the biggest improvement to the PC will come as a result of hybrid hard-drive technology, the use of flash memory in hard disks. That should speed things up quite a bit. In the meantime I'll remain plenty happy with my Pentium D.