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EDGE Network on iPhone Awful in Colorado

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EDGE Network on iPhone Awful in Colorado

Picture of IrvinSo I've brought my iPhone on a trip to Colorado, Denver to be specific, and I have had less than stellar performance from the EDGE network. Typically in the Bay Area I get speeds of anywhere between 190kbps and 260kbps, out here I am getting between 40kbps and 110kbps.

I don't really know what the problem is. I have noticed that when I am inside a house, sometimes the signal will drop to zero and then come back up, when I'll get the dreaded 'Cannot Connect to EDGE' message. I would have thought that the performance out here would have been much better since there are fewer people who have the iPhone, or data in general, but at least it has been up semi-reliably since Monday.

Outside, the iPhone's EDGE verges on usable. I don't blame the iPhone, since it is great in the SF Bay-Area. I suspect that AT&T is spending their time working on areas that are high-visibility, specifically high-blogger and media rich areas. I there is no media in an area, if the network is awful, no one will really know about it. I'd bet it is smoking in New York.

I'd suspect that Steve Jobs is all over AT&T on this EDGE thing. They will probably get it fixed in short order. I hope…