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Facebook Status Code 0 Errors

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Facebook Status Code 0 Errors

Picture of IrvinI think I may have finally found the reason for the facebook code 0 errors I was getting. The example.cfm that is included with the Facebook ColdFusion rest interface is set up based on a pre-release version of either the Facebook API, I would imagine, and the session management is not complete.

The real problem is that it is set up to use the iframe method of creating the UI for Facebook, and it is not set up to use fbml. To get it to work with FBML, you have to catch all of the fb_sig post values. But the most important thing is that when the post.fb_sig_session_key is undefined, you have to perform a redirect. If you leave the redirect set up to use cflocation, it will fail. You have to use fb:redirect instead. If you use cflocation, it will create the status code 0 errors that appear in your “Application Stats” section.

Over the next few days we'll see if any of the http code 0 errors appear again. If they do, obviously my fixes will have failed, but I think that I have got it finally.

At any rate, thanks to Dominic Watson