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Felony for Squatting on WiFi

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Felony for Squatting on WiFi

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperNo one should ever be arrested for the simple act of catching an open Wi-Fi access point and using it for the internet. If that user is attempting to access computers behind that network then they are hacking. That is the difference. It seems that this man was arrested for no reason. Basically the way I see it is like this. If a signal is broadcast into my living room and I use it, then it isn't my responsiblity not to, it is instead the responsiblity of the owner to stop broadcasting into my home. The same goes for public streets. If someone is on public property and your Wi-Fi signal is out in the street, it is your own fault, not the person who is using the signal.

Two things need to happen, first wireless networks need to have WPA turned on right out of the box with a default password, and secondly cities need to have the ability to broadcast wireless internet access for blanket coverage and increase sales tax by .01 cents on a dollar. I'd pay a penny-per-purchase for free Wi-Fi in my city, wouldn't you?

Felony for WarDriving

Finally, my heart goes out to those in London today. Attacks on civilians are cowardly and despicable. I hope that those who are responsible, and only the individuals and groups who are directly responsible, for the reprehensible bombings, during a peace conference no less, are caught and punished according to the full force of the law.