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Firefox 3 Mac with Aqua controls on Mac

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Firefox 3 Mac with Aqua controls on Mac

Picture of IrvinI'm of two minds with this. On one side, I think that CSS is truly a strange and broken layout system due to varying support on mobile and desktop browsers. On the other hand, it is the best we have and I want to see it supported equally well across the board.

One big problem with Safari and was a problem with IE 6 is that the system styled form controls don't often take styles, and have a z-index higher than any other components on the page, no matter what you try with CSS. I am afraid that this will make it so that I, as a developer, can no longer count on the fact that styles on PC Firefox will look and work the same on the Mac. This will further splinter the ways web developers have to manipulate CSS so that pages look the same across the board.

I'd hope that the Mozilla foundation makes sure that styles override the aqua controls, and that they respect z-index settings. The alternative should be that they stay the way they are.

“Softpedia reports that work is under way to give the widgets in web page forms a more Mac-like look in Firefox. The look of all other aspects of a web page is under the control of the designer of the page, but the appearance of the buttons and other widgets that make up forms depends completely on the browser. In the case of Firefox, which runs under a number of different operating systems, the look of form controls also depends on the OS.”Firefox 3 on Mac to get Aqua form controls