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First Really Scary Moment With iPhone

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First Really Scary Moment With iPhone

Picture of IrvinWell, for the first time I was actually worried I might have a dead iPhone. I didn't actually, much to my relief, but having the screen blank all the time might not have been the best idea for Apple.

What happened I suppose was an iTunes crash / lockup on the iPhone. I was playing music and the music just stopped. I looked at the iPhone, but nothing happened. I had been in a no-service area for a while so I just assumed the power was drained. When I got home I plugged it in for a half hour, then I pressed the wake button… nothing… I started to worry, not so much about the phone, I knew Apple would replace it, but being without it. I waited for a while longer, expecting the worst. I had already tried hard rebooting the device, but it hadn't done any good. Again, I decided to try to reboot it, this time I just held the buttons hoping it would come back to life. After about 30 seconds, I saw the new slash Apple logo, and my baby was back.

You know, this device really changes things for people. It makes so many things so much easier, and you don't really notice until it is gone. The iPhone is the beginning of big things for the mobile web and the rest of the web in general. It also marks the beginning of true commodity computing, or the demise of the desktop as the primary computing device.

Long live the thin, but powerful, client!