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Fusedocs and the Fusedocer

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Fusedocs and the Fusedocer

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperFor some time now I have been using fusedocs, and for some time now, I thought that they were useful as far as being a more detailed and organized way to keep your applications together. I had also wanted to develop a Java based fusedocs-to-HTML application so that I could easily generate the technical documentation demanded so unjustly from developers. With Java the XML parsing is a little more difficult than with ColdFusion, so it has always stopped me. I'll probably still develop the Java version, but in the meantime I think I've found something better.

After a while, I began to think that perhaps doing it as a standard Java application didn't make much sense. While most developers have a local installation of ColdFusion or whatever application server they use on their machines, not everyone has this type of setup, and if they did, they would probably want to use ColdFusion or whatever to generate their documentation, so that their documentation could reside on whichever server they had done their development.

I was just about to start writing tags, when I thought to myself, “You know, someone has to have done this already.” So I did a search for fusedocs parser, and what I came up with was this: Fusedocer.

This tool is fantastic. I was able to generate all my technical documentation complete with application summary in about 30 seconds. The XML parser is a little picky, but all in all this makes the additional effort of working with Fusedocs totally worth it.