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Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Gmail

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Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Gmail

Picture of IrvinEver since I saw the presentation on JavaScript 2 done by the Mozilla foundation, I thought that it would be easy to migrate PowerPoint onto the web in a Web2.0 friendly fashion. Now that Google has completed the hat trick, what does that mean?

Lets compare. Google gmail vs Microsoft Outlook web access. This one comes down to cost. Recently I was talking to a client about migrating to Exchange server, what stopped us was simply the cost of CALs. It is silly to build a web application that requires CALs. OK so what does outlook do for me that gmail doesn't. In short, nothing. If I can download my email then I am online, which I am mainly anyway. I really only need gmail, I don't have to pay anything for it and it is of high-quality, not to mention that I can download my emails easily.

Lets look at Docs. Google docs is good enough. It isn't quite to word's quality, but I like that I can use it anywhere and get my datat easily in and out. I think that the winner is Google.

There's really no need to look farther. Google is the clear winner, the question isn't whether people will move over, the question is when. The only lingering concern is that of security and privacy. Giving all of your companies internal spreadsheets, etc to google's servers takes a giant leap. Now having it hosted internally is a good start, but is Google really ready to become a hardware service provider? Only time will tell. But I'm looking forward to the coming productivity suite war between Google and Microsoft!