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Google OS at Walmart?

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Google OS at Walmart?

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperThere is a pretty far fetched rumor going around today that Google is in talks with WalMart to try to distribute a cheap PC running a custom Google OS.

There are several reasons why this story is improbable. The primary reason is that Google would simple incur the full wrath of Microsoft if they were to do such a thing. The potential revenue from some sort of web appliance would probably not be worth the hassle and headaches for Google.

There are several reasons why this story is possible. Google is always looking for ways to stick Microsoft in the side. Google has a bent toward doing things that do not necessarily make much sense from a business / revenue standpoint. Google can create some kind of package including the Open Office suite to provide a pretty full featured desktop experience.

That being said, I still find it pretty hard to believe that Google would risk their brand on a hokey PC sold at WalMart. Perhaps Google is looking to become even more mainstream than they already are. I just can't see why they would jump into the OS market when they don't have to. It is more likely that they would release some sort of browser product. Everyone is doing the work for them on the OS side right now. All they need to do is to use what Apple, Microsoft, and the OSS movement have built.

STill, it could be a pretty fully featured machine if it were to have an ad-supported OS. When it does happen, and I believe that it will I just don't believe that it will happen in the near future, it probably wouldn't be for power PC users, but instead for the really basic users.