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Happy Almost Birthday ColdFusion

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Happy Almost Birthday ColdFusion

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperIt looks like 2006 will mark the 10th anniversary of ColdFusion as a web server. I haven't been here for the entire ride, but I have been around for the past three years or so. Enough time to develop a very healthy love, respect, and addiction to ColdFusion. It seems that every time I try to use another language, possibly with the exception of PHP, I wonder why I am not doing this in ColdFusion. It always comes down to time, and ColdFusion always wins. Happy 10th ColdFusion, and hopefully at least 10 more!

ColdFusion 1.5 shipped on 3 floppies back in 1996

Steven Erat's CF Happy Birthday with cached Allaire pages!