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I thought Google Didn’t Talk to

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I thought Google Didn't Talk to

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperToday Cnet's published a story citing Eric Schmidt as their source. I thought that Google was feuding with and wouldn't talk to them until some time in 2006. I guess that Google finally realized that they were getting tons of bad press by refusing to talk with and mended fences with them. I still don't see what was so bad that they refused to talk to them. They just pulled information that was already public, and highlighted an issue that was and is pervasive in the public's collective mind. Sounds like just another day at the news-room to me.

Anyway, the article is about how Google has taken the total number of pages indexed off its front page, because they claim that it isn't an accurate indicator of the quality of the search available through the engine. While it doesn't mean anything Google is clear in boasting that it has the largest index, stating that they have over 20 billion pages indexed. It is pretty clear that just wanted to break something that showed that they are now talking to Google again, in that this article is not very interesting. Perhaps Google has forbidden them from speaking about the issue ever again or some other dark-back-room dealings that the public will never know about. I am happy that Google hasn't turned completely into a bunch of meglomaniacs, and can seemingly admit when they are dead wrong.

Google must be talking to again