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IE 6 click to continue downloading this page bug

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IE 6 'click to continue downloading this page'

Picture of IrvinI was working on a project and testing my code in IE 6. It happened to be delivering flash via a little JavaScript, when I got this strange popup.

I guess that in older versions of IE 6, not whatever the current version of it is, the version before Internet Explorer 7 came out, the browser can't handle whatever Microsoft is doing to make it so you have to click on the active object in order to interact with it. So it shows you a pop-up with a vague message like “click to continue downloading this page.”

Ultimately this is a huge nuisance, but it does two things. 1) It gives me, and other users yet another reason not to use IE. 2) It indicates how ridiculous Microsoft is. Why won't they just pay to license the technology from that guy. I mean they lost the case, and they have enough money to pay. It is just ridiculous, and the way they are handling this in IE 6 is just flat out silly.

At any rate here is an article describing it, with a cool utility to allow you to run several versions of IE side-by-side.