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IE 7 Confused by HTML Name and Id Attributes

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IE 7 Confused by HTML Name and Id Attributes

Picture of IrvinNow this is exactly what I am talking about with IE. How could anyone release a product with a known bug like this? If there are two elements in the DOM at any single time, with one having an id=”someId” and name=”someId”, and you use:


IE will return the last occurring element with either an id=”someId”, or a name=”someId.” Such that markup like:

ipsum lorem factum

lorem factum ipsum

When accessed like:

var obj = document.getElementsByName(“myDiv”);
// if you use firebug

Would equal 2 instead of 1. This is a horrible error, and it is inexcusable that Microsoft didn't fix this bug in IE 6, let alone IE 7. IE is garbage, and more importantly it wastes developer's time with ignorant bugs like that one.

A co-worker found information on PPK document.getElementById() returns element with name equal to id specified