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I’m Still Dissapointed

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I'm Still Dissapointed

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI really thought Apple was going to release the new G5s and PowerBooks. I do want one of the new iPods, as I have been a video advocate for quite some time now. I think that it is definately a step in the right direction, and with more content it should place Apple securely in the lead with the battle for the living room.

That being said, I think that while the new iMac is pretty sweet, it still falls short of new PowerMacs. I guess that I shouldn't complain, it keeps my G5 in the running for a while longer, but I just expected more from Apple. The video iPod is a good addition, and the content available in iTunes should increase rapidly. What I am expecting is to see some kind of agreement between Apple and Netflix sometime in the very near future.

I would be jealous of the new iMacs and want one, but their frontside busses top out at 700 MHz, just not enough juice for anyone serious about their computing. I was also hoping for a better office suite from Apple, but I guess they are focusing completely on media these days, which is the right thing to do if you are Apple. They have to keep pleasing their shareholders, and right now the shareholders believe in the iPod. It would seem that no one cares about the professional Mac users.

If it will be until 2006 until I can get a new laptop, I might not wait until the new systems are out. I guess the guys on the macrumors board were right. If you need a new system now, then get one now. I just don't think that I need a new system. I have lost the buying bug courtesy of Apple and their mediocre special events. I love my iPod, and at some point I will buy another one, but at this time all I am really interested in the Pro Mac updates.

One cool thing that has come from all this is that now I really want a Mac Mini for my projector. It would be sweet to be able to watch downloaded programming, keep my movies stored on a networked drive somewhere and use the computer with the bluetooth keyboard. Even though we all thought the Mini would be some type of media center, and were disappointed when we found out that it wasn't, it may still end up being in our living rooms. Apple has made the right moves, but they still haven't made this Mac user completely happy. We'll have to wait until January or Feburary to get our gratification I guess. At least in January we might have Conroe or another cool chip to buy. I'm still waiting Apple.