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InFocus SP4805 DLP Projector

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InFocus SP4805 DLP Projector

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperA few months ago I bought an InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 digital projector. I don't know where to begin with how happy I am with it. The first thing I noticed when I fired it up out of the box wasn't that the picture was big. Amazingly the first thing I was struck by was how realistic the flesh tones were in the display. One of the biggest tests of any monitor no matter the configuration is the reproduction of human skin colors. Most projectors and big-screens that I have looked at, with the exception of some really high-end plasma TVs, have struggled with realistic looking people. Either caucasians look pasty with very little red or peach in the image, or African-Americans look unrealistically dark or yellowish. This projector had problems with none of that.

One of the pleasant suprises that I suppose are what keeps InFocus on top was the remote. It lights up in the dark to help when watching movies with the lights down. It also features two infrared units to allow better lateral control. What I mean by lateral is if you are sitting next to the projector, you don't have to move the control around to in front of the projector to change the settings.

The projector has a decent assortment of inputs, supporting composite, RCA style, component, VGA, and DVI. The Faroudja DCDi technology is so good that I haven't even wanted to use the HDMI connection from my up-conversion capable DVD player. 480p is beautiful. I have seen no rainbow effect or ghosting even when playing games.

One of the consistent gripes of most people with projectors is that they aren't bright enough. This projector does lack contrast when daylight is streaming into my viewing room, but if I just turn the blinds a little, it is more than watchable. The bulb life is rated at 3000 hours, but I expect to get about 3200 with their eco-mode. It can support up to 1080i HD inputs, but everything is downconverted to 480p. Since I watch mainly DVDs this isn't a concern. Even images from my VCR's tuner look extremely good on this device.

My PlayStation and Xbox look really good, although I haven't switched to the component interface from the s-video because I can't imagine that there could be very much improvement. If I were using them as DVD players, I might, but I haven't had need for anything better than the s-video. GranTourismo 4 looked so good and was so believable, that I had to turn it off. It was too intense. I'll get around to it later, but I actually noticed my heart racing.

For about a grand, you can't do better than this projector. I'd highly recommend it for anyone considering a High Definition monitor. Especially if you are considering a rear-projection LCD TV. This could be very competitive.

InFocus SP-4805