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Inner Turmoil over PHP

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Inner Turmoil over PHP

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI have been having grief over whether or not to develop my next project in PHP. I think that ColdFusion is far superior to PHP in many ways, but PHP is cheap, fast, and almost as easy. I am fairly good at PHP, but whenever I think about doing the job using PHP, ColdFusion keeps calling me back to CFML. I can't help but think, I could do this in ColdFusion in a few minutes.

The biggest problem with ColdFusion, and JSP for that matter is the limited support of hosting companies. They seem not to want to provide ColdFusion 7 or allow the use of the cfcache tag, which would save me a lot of trips to the database. It is clear that most companies could afford ColdFusion, which is why it astonishes me that they don't, or that they offer limited support.

Ben Forta's site has a list of good ColdFusion hosts.

Ben Forta