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Instlaling New 80 GB 5400 RPM Drive in iBook

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Instlaling New 80 GB 5400 RPM Drive in iBook

Picture of IrvinThis past Friday, I took some time to install a new hard drive that I had received for Christmas. The unfortunate thing was that Apple seems to have wanted to prevent anyone from doing anything to the iBook other than installing a new AirPort card or memory.

To say that the install was difficult would not be doing it justice. I literally had to take the iBook apart down to its magnesium frame and motherboard to get at the hard drive. Actually pulling the drive and putting another one in its place wasn't very hard at all, and reassembling the iBook didn't take too long either. The only bad thing that happened was that I didn't get finished putting it back together until 3:30 AM on Saturday, and I didn't actually get all of the software installed again until 5:30 AM.

The other bad thing is that I ended up with one extra screw, which is always disconcerting. Still, the iBook G4 is none the worse for wear, and thanks to I was able to do it at all. The step-by-step guide was excellent.

Now my iBook is probably about as fast as the equivalent PowerBooks that were around when it came out. The extra space, in upgrading from a 30 GB hard drive to an 80 GB hard drive, is very nice. I'd say that my iBook is probably 20 ~ 30% faster by upgrading to a 5400 RPM drive with a larger cache. I haven't noticed any deterioration of battery life either. Even with the 5 hours I spent working on it, it seems to have been worth the money.