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Intel Possibly Designing Next PowerMac

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Intel Possibly Designing Next PowerMac

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperIn some ways with Apple apparently focusing on the iBook, iMac, and quite probably the PowerBook to do them over with the Intel treatment, it could be taken that Apple's outsourcing the internal design of the next PowerMac is throwing away the platform.

I don't belive this to be anywhere near the truth. Primarily because Intel has always done a spectacular job of motherboard design. When I was in the PC building business, I always used exclusively Intel motherboards. The cost was greater, but I never had one come back, and I never had issues with quality. Apple has to be looking at the high-end workstation market and the best way to break-in at the top is to partner with the people that the top are buying. Right now, that is Intel.

I actually feel more comfortable now buying a rev a Intel PowerMac than I did before. Apple's hardware tends to have issues upon release. For example, my original G5's memory controller is slow and poky compared with its contemporaries. Those issues will be nothing more than an afterthought with the Intel design. Everything will be dialed in and ready to go.

I'd worry now about buying a rev a Mac Mini, iBook, PowerBook, or iMac with Intel inside. Of course it will look beautiful, but of course it will have significant bugs. I can't wait to pick up my quad core, hyperthreaded, Intel based G6. Apple just keeps securing more and more upside. Once developers really get going with Objective-C and the Cocoa developer tools and we see apps, it may end up finally going from a niche market to a mainstream player. It will be interesting to see how many of the mac loyal remain once Apple is the largest PC manufacturer.