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iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 New Features

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iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 New Features

Picture of IrvinReading about the rumored features for firmware 1.1.3, actually confuses me more than anything else. I can understand the need to allow springboard to have more icons, and pagination because of the IDE, and the potentially innumerable applications that people could install, but allowing web applications to have front billing seems strange, in concert with what we are seeing out of webkit. What is the point of a native IDE?

If Apple implements HTML 5 local storage as spec'ed, or even of they keep their current implementation, and allow developers to specify their own springboard icons, the only reason for most people to code natively aganst the iPhone is if they are doing something computationally intensive like searching the genome for particular nucleotide combinations or something like that.

Initially I thought that anything that required 3d, or Apple's nifty effects would require native code, until I saw the rotation, etc… possible with webkit's new CSS enhancements.

So now I'm more confused, and excited, than ever. Perhaps web developers will keep their first class citizen status on the iPhone even through this native transition and beyond. It opens up so much potential for web development that I don't know what to start building first. I can't wait to see what is actually in 1.1.3. I hope Apple doesn't make us wait until Macworld to get it.