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Is MacDell the Next Stop For Apple

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Is MacDell the Next Stop For Apple

Picture of IrvinPersonally I wish that Apple would listen to the Gartner analyst that is suggesting that the only way for them to make inroads is to get out of the hardware business and license their software to Dell. I still don't really understand why Apple insists on releasing incredibly overpriced hardware that doesn't really add to the bottom line. It doesn't make sense to waste resources on building computers for 4.5 percent of the market. They should be putting those people on building iPods that fly or something.

Seriously, I wish that I could put OS X on my Dell, I'd do it in a hot second. Apple could charge $250 for the OS and I'd still pay. It would be worth it. Apple probably won't keep getting the subsidies from Intel, CNET is right about that. They also won't sell many computers with the same hardware as my Dell for double the price. It has actually driven me back to using PCs. I bought the Mac hardware before because it was different and had some benefits, but without Altivec, or PPC it is just designer beige box instead of a beige box. I'll take the simple design of the dell with XP / Vista and the same specs and keep the extra $1,000 in my pocket.

I think this would be the most sensible move for Apple. They could beef up the iPod and make the iTunes store much better. Actually, it is even more than sensible, I think it is the only way for Apple to stay on top. They can't hold Microsoft off forever, and Microsoft has better relationships with the studios. Eventually Microsoft's Zune and online marketplace or whatever will be at least as good or better than the iPod ITMS combo. Apple has to do this to stay relevant, otherwise they might find themselves with DIGITAL as a few technology patents in some tech giant's back pocket.