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Job Requisition Keyword Parser

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Job Requisition Keyword Parser

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI've been working on a keyword parser specifically, but not too specifically purposed toward pulling the important words from job requisitions so that people, my wife, can paste them into their resumes. In this age of aggressive bots searching out the perfect resume having a solid keyword section is very important. Especially if it is reinforced within the body of your resume. The little application I developed is useful not only for this, but is also useful for generating keywords for the meta keywords tag on websites. I have found that having a keywords section of my resume called skills helps big-time when posting my resume.

Still, there are other important words to note when building the appropriate resume to submit to a potential employer or headhunter. Words like “responsibility”, “commitment”, and “hard-working,” are important to include in your job descriptions and awards section if applicable. Obviously if you lie on your resume, you won't succeed in the job, so you don't want to optimize your resume for jobs that you can't do, however all too frequently the bots will miss a good candidate for a job because they have not done a good job of optimizing their resume for that job. Using the keyword parser will also help you create optimized resumes for particular jobs. Sometimes it will help if you were to change a word like “closed” in a sales resume to “managed,” if you are talking about an account depending on how the job requisition is worded.

Having an optimized resume is great especially if you are in a highly competitive field like web development for example. By optimizing your resume as you would a website, you have a higher chance of being hit on a service like Hotjobs or Dice. It won't be long however before having a resume that is too optmized will get you a penalty, but hopefully we'll all figure that one out as soon as it happens, currently however it appears that resume optimization is in it's infancy so optimize away!

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