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JSPimp the Rapid AJAX / DHTML Development Environment

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JSPimp the Rapid AJAX / DHTML Development Environment

Picture of IrvinPhew, I've been really busy for the past few weeks working on my new IDE. I decided to build it out using only because of how easy it is to work with, the excellent Visual C# express edition, and because it is my new hobby language.

So, what is JSPimp. Well, what I hope it will be is an easy way to build DHTML web sites. Basically it establishes the paradigm that a web user's experience is essentially a traversal from one state to another. So what this IDE does is that it creates a number of states. These states are moved to by clicking on links, or in response to events. The IDE allows you to set up a tree view of DOM elements for each state. It will help you to set up the attributes of the dom elements in the editor. This area needs a little work because the innerHTML box is too small. Actually, I just released the version 0.1 at JSPIMP. The entire IDE is really young, and it's missing some simple editor things like code coloring and indention for JavaScript, XML, and HTML. My goal for the 0.1 release was to just get most of the basic functionality into the application. The next releases will focus on stability, browser compatibility, and more context menu items. I'll also try to add sensible code coloring and indention to the next release.

All in all, it works. I used it to build a couple of sites and in it's current form it is great for creating the initial structure of sites. After you publish your states you'll still have to massage the JavaScript, but hopefully that won't be necessary after the next release. Boy, it's really hard to do code coloring and indention in a thread-safe manner!

The application requires the .net framework 2.0. The installer will download it for you. I built it on Vista and it works in RC 1. If you like it and would like to see quick development and sort release cycles, please donate.
Download and enjoy JSPIMP