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Just Got My Hulu Login

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Just Got My Hulu Login

Picture of IrvinI'll do a proper review and comparison with Joost vs Hulu later, and I want to give Hulu its fair shake, but I wanted to jot down a few quick notes.

The first is that Hulu, being web browser based doesn't have the smooth navigation and fluid feel that Joost have. I think I'm beginning to prefer desktop based software for IPTV. I like the design of Hulu, but I think some things need work. Search for example is too hard to find, I found it later, but it just blended in the upper left. The navigation feels clunky and counterintuitive. The lack of any sort of API to develop applications against Hulu is a strike against it, although that could be addressed. It is nice, however that you can embed your favorite shows on your website.

I do like NBC's content, but I still think there isn't enough variety. Sure I'll come there and use it to watch Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Bionic Woman, etc… but if I want to find the indie movies, or some really campy Sci-Fi, Joost has a strong edge. I like what NBC is trying to do, they are the second major network to strike it out on the web and create something that its fans will find valuable, and there is value in Hulu, but I think it will be the site you go to in order to watch your favorite NBC content, not the place you go to just hunker down and watch TV. For that you will use Joost.

My initial reaction is that Joost is clearly much better, but I'll write a recap after I have used Hulu for a longer period of time.