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Keynote is over – OS X on Intel

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Keynote is over – OS X on Intel

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperNow all those rumor posts that said Tiger was coming for PC don't sound so crazy. OS X has been compiled for Intel since the beginning. I am not so sure about OS X running on the Pentium 4, I'd think Apple would use the Pentium D, and they may. It runs much cooler, and could allow for a smaller form factor for new PowerMacs.

I think the first Intel based computers we will see are PowerBooks, with the existing PowerBook line moved down to the iBook line. The performance with the Pentium M in the PowerBooks should be fantastic. The next group of systems to move should be the PowerMacs. As great as this news is for Mac lovers, the only remaining questions surround building your own Mac and clones. Will Apple release a hardware configuration sheet, to tell DIYers how to create a Mac, or will they control which machines can run OS X through the BIOS.

Another glaring omission was any reference to licensing OS X for PCs. I do believe that in this environment many PC users would switch completely to OS X without blinking an eye. However, Apple can bet on Microsoft retaliating by ceasing work on Office X so they need to have a competetive alternative soon. I can't see any reason why Apple would turn their backs on this revenue stream, and I also fail to understand why some stock analysts are reacting negatively to this shift.

Still, Apple is going to have to reduce the costs of its current hardware line to move any machines, especially when people know that the Intel based Macs are less than 12 months away. My only other question is where I can sign up for a developer machine. I guess its time to dust off my Objective-C, it looks like there is a point to learning it after all.