Today is a good day to code Bought for 280 Million by CBS

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Picture of IrvinWell, since CBS had NAS on their label I can tell you that they have decent taste in music, however as far as having a web presence I have some questions about their abilities. Buying from a business perspective is brilliant. While I am not really into supporting huge companies, I am not necessarily against it either. But the real bottom line is that I am addicted to

I also think that 280 Million is low. I would have expected more in the 500 Million range, but if the creators are happy, then it is all good. I am worried, however about CBS messing around with to advance commercial music over indie music. Part of what I like about Last is that I can control the amount of crap commercial music that I listen to easily. When I am in the mood for commercial stuff, then I can just adjust my slider to see what they suggest. I have to assume that if CBS is smart enough to buy then they are smart enough to leave it alone. We'll just have to wait and see. At least it wasn't Viacom.