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Linux Allegedly Infringing Microsoft Patents

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Linux Allegedly Infringing Microsoft Patents

Picture of IrvinThis is a ridiculous move by Microsoft. I think their entire relationship with Novell was something that looked good on the outside for their shareholders, etc… that they were going to protect their patents by suing. But when it comes down to it, there are just too many distributions, and the message they would be sending to their would-be customers is too awful. It would be something to the effect of, “Ahem… Mr(s) customer, you have to pay us a bunch of money to continue using Linux, or switch to Windows… Yes we know we are screwing you, but you have no choice, ha ha ha….”

What kind of message is that, also if they did that, they would be opening themselves up to horrible anti-trust lawsuits, the likes of which they have never seen. I think that ultimately Microsoft is just trying to prove a point, that the Open Source Movement does not honor patents, especially since Microsoft now has obtained a patent on SUDO!

This is just another example of how the patent system is patently broken. How can I be liable for patent infringement if I build a system at home without Microsoft's source from scratch. That just doesn't make plain and common sense. Furthermore, how can Microsoft have any interface patents, when if the people who came up with the concepts for their OS had been the way we see Microsoft now, we would have no Windows or Mac OS.

Why can't Microsoft understand that Free and Open Software is good for the market, that it aids in innovation and speeds cycle time. I know they are hoping to hold on the the Windows monopoly for as long as possible, but when its time to let go, its time to let go.

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