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Mac OS X Intel Cracked

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Mac OS X Intel Cracked

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperIt was only a matter of time before OS X Intel was cracked. I think that Apple may have been a bit naive in thinking that it couldn't be done. I also think that Apple has a bit of a rude awakening in store for it now that there is some motivation for hackers to get into its operating system.

I've been on many Mac chat boards where experienced users are constantly rebuffing less computer saavy users who are bringing up concerns about Mac OS X's safety now that it will be on Intel. Of course the expert users are right, that resistance to viruses is dependent on the operating system installed, and not dependent on the hardware that the system runs on. However, with the overwhelming impetus to make Mac OS X run on standard Intel based hardware, pandora's box may be opening for hackers to look at the system and find exploits.

Prior to Apple's switch to Intel, there was very little desire for hackers to mess around with OS X. In order for them to even work with the OS or its applications, they needed to buy fairly expensive hardware in addition to their existing PC based systems. The Mac user base being what it is provides very little visibility for hackers writing exploits for the system. Now, however once hackers can get OS X running on their systems natively, while initially benign, will probably lead to other issues. Mac OS X will get the test of its life before it is even released using the new hardware based security by Intel and partners. Apple should be happy that hackers have their hands on its beta equipment and software. They will be all to willing to reveal any vulnerabilities they may find and Apple will have a chance to fix them before Leopard is released for the Intel Macs in early 2007. Apple had better keep it's eye on these developments because they could portend trouble in the future.