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Mac OS X Server 10.4 and Cyrus Vacation Message

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Mac OS X Server 10.4 and Cyrus Vacation Message

Picture of IrvinSo last night I wrestled with setting up a vacation message for email users on OS X Server “tiger.” This is done by using Sieve the filtering mechanism for Cyrus. If you don't know, Mac OS X Server uses two programs to manage user email. Postfix, and Cyrus. Cyrus is the program that manages the mailbox files on the server, Postfix manages pushing the email out of the server.

The first problem was that the port was blocked, but that was pretty easy to solve. The AFP548 Forum was extremely helpful, it is just important to remember that Apple fixed a bunch of these bugs in 10.4 and this was written for Mac OS X Server 10.3. So the only thing you still need to do is to download the package AvelSieve.pkg and use the command

installer -pkg AvelSieve.pkg -target /tmp -verbose

That will get you the plugin you will need for Squirrelmail to handle the filtering. It is strange, but the vacation message is called filtering for some reason. The next thing you'll have to do is to activate the plugin. You will need to sudo this, but it isn't hard, type

cd /etc/squirrelmail/config

You should see a directory with a perl file called What you need to do now is type

sudo perl

you will be prompted for the super-user password. Enter the password. You will then see a list of options. Key in the number of the one that you want, it should be 8, to add plugins. Once you see that list, you will have to key in the number of the plugin that you want to enter. You should see avielsieve in the list of available plugins. If you don't then you didn't install the package correctly. Key in the number corresponding to avielsieve. That should move it from the available plugins to the installed plugins part of the list. Don't forget to enter a capital S to save your choices. After you have saved your changes, quit that, then type

sudo serveradmin stop mail

Hit enter then type

sudo serveradmin start mail

Now voil