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MacWorld 2008 Letdown or Vengeance

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MacWorld 2008 Letdown or Vengeance

Picture of IrvinWas the lack of detail around the SDK intentional as in, to get back the rumor community? I mean it was strange how little Jobs said about it.

The Time Capsul or whatever is pretty cool, but really its just a hard drive connected to your WiFi. I have had that for a little over two years now, that didn't cost me $499. The Apple TV news was welcome, Apple needs to do something with it. The price drop is great, but until it gets to $149 it won't be flying off the shelves, especially at the current prices for movies and TV shows.

The idea that Apple was going to threaten NetFlix was crazy. In no way does their rental model threaten NetFlix. I watch about 6 movies a month. At $16.99 or whatever, that comes out to $2.83 cents per movie. BluRay, Digital, or standard. If I were to do the same thing with Apple's service I'd pay at least $23.94, $29.94 if they were High Definition movies. It just isn't worth it. I know that Apple is trying to end the HD DVD format wars by making digital distribution the winner, but this ain't going to cut it.

By far, the best thing announced was the MacBook Air. It is the subcompact that everyone was looking for. Its not for me. I choose power over weight, or some intelligent balance, and I'm a little rough with my computers, but it was cool. The multi-touch pad is really excellent.

I really think that he didn't use the “one more thing.” Opting instead for the 4th thing, or whatever to get back at the rumor people.

At any rate, back to the issue at hand. The iPhone native SDK. I think that Apple is waiting until Safari has the new features on display in the WebKit nightlies before releasing it. The reason? To encourage developers to pursue the web application path unless they truly need low level access to the device. I suspect that for a while, the web is still going to be the way to go for the iPhone. It is called the “internet” Phone after all.